Kabondo Kasipul Constituency has diverse water resource comprises; rivers, good rainfall and underground water.This represents unexploited opportunities that the constituency could pursue to improve access to improve access to water to its residents.The office recognizes the dire need for  clean safe drinking water for the constituents.With devolution, provision of clean water sanitation is a function of the government. However, the constituency has partnered with various organizations to provide clean water to the constituents.

  1. NG-CDF Office water project: a borehole water system will be used to distribute clean water to Kadongo market and its environs.

  2. Borehole Water Poject between SANAA International at Kowidi Mixed School,Got-Rateng’ will supply water to Ramba, Ramula, Odino areas.

  3. Construct water  harnessing /catchment systems along the local streams for pure, clean drinking water.

  4.  The constituency office in collaboration with Lake Victoria South Water Service Board to follow up on the multi- million Atemo water project to supply water to the residents of Kabondo Kasipul Constituency.

  5. The office of the Member of Parliament lobbied for the piping of water from Lwanda to the Omuga TTI a partnership between RIAT and Wangapala Secondary School. 


Atemo Water Project