Kabondo Kasipul Constituency is endowed with abundant natural resources and a rich pool of human resource capital. However, over the years, the constituency has been unable to realize its full potential due to many challenges. The need for renewed focus can therefore not be gainsaid, a focus that in the fullness of time will lead to improved livelihoods for the great people of Kabondo Kasipul Constituency now and for the coming generations.
I therefore, with great pleasure present to you the Kabondo Kasipul Constituency Strategic Development Plan 2018-2022. The Plan is structured to represent my mandate as the Member of Parliament which is in the two sectors of Education and Security. The plan also highlights functions which are devolved, and are the responsibility of the county and national government. I will collaborate with the responsible agencies/departments to ensure they are made accountable to the people of Kabondo-Kasipul Constituency in delivering on their mandate.

“The Strategic plan sets out the key development objectives and provides a strategic direction by outlining our priority development goals, and strategies. It will ensure that there is coherence and continuity in our shared development agenda. This plan will be the key guide to our activities and budgetary allocations.”


The preparation of this Strategic Plan involved intensive bottom-up community consultations. This included a robust public participation forum, and interviews with a cross section of stakeholders.
As your Member of Parliament, I undertake to commit my time and energy to work with you to realize our shared dreams in; (a) transforming our educational systems to enable our children to access quality education and (b) extending access to quality security services as per the NG-CDF mandate. In addition, I will strive to ensure the other actors deliver on their mandate, so that our people have (a) enhanced access to quality health, c) improvement in our debilitated rural road infrastructure d) develop agriculture and Agribusiness, e) re-engineered water, electricity and energy infrastructure, and f) sustainable protection of our environment and last but not lease (g) address issues relating to the youth bulge and gender.
As we move into the future let us all remember two great quotes from two of the greatest African statesmen of our time; “It always seems impossible until it’s done,” by Nelson Mandela and “Yes We Can” by Barack Obama.



Strategic plan