The NG-CDF ACT the Office of the Member of Parliament direct mandate, as the patron, to be part and parcel of the Sub County Security Council and participate in the development of the security apparatus within the constituency. The MPs office works in collaboration with National and County Security administration, Rachuonyo East DCC, Othoro OCS, and the Chiefs and Assistant chiefs.

Through the NGCDF, the following project are on course:

1.Ramula D.O residence Kabondo West Complete
2.Kasewe Chief office Kabondo West Complete
3.Kodhoch West Chief Office Kabondo West Ongoing
4.Kokwanyo Kakelo Chief  Camp AP Residential Houses Kokwanyo Kakelo Ongoing
5.Senta Sori Police Division Kabondo West Not yet started
6.Othoro Police Post Kabondo East Ongoing 
7.Kojwach Chief’s Camp Houses Kojwach  Complete

DCC Headquarters

a.Completion of the DCC Official Residence

The DCC office was completed during the 2017/18 FY and the Project Management Committee handed the keys to the DCC, end user, for occupation. Similarly, the office of the Member of Parliament lobbied the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination to fence the Ramula DCC perimeter fence among other construction works. This will go a long way in securing the offices from burglary, grazing cattle, among other external factors.

b.Chief Offices

The modern Kasewe B Chief office has been completed, Kodhoch West Chief Office is ongoing. The Kojwach East Chief Office is on the plan while the construction of the four door residential houses is complete.

Senta Sori Police Station

In conjunction with the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination, the Office of the Member of Parliament lobbied for the construction of a modern police station at Senta Sori that will serve the Rachunyo East Sub-County and its environ.

After successful public participation forum, the commencement of the construction is at advanced stage.

Othoro Police Post

The construction of the office block at the police post is ongoing.