The Kabondo Kasipul Constituency Infrastructure plan is an ambitious initiative that involves: rehabilitation and refurbishment of old classrooms, complete facelift of the buildings, and construction of new classrooms across the constituency. This initiative have led and greatly changed the learning facilities into totally modern education landscape. Most of the constituency school infrastructure were developed in the 80s, these buildings have been won out over the years and in need of repairs. Today, through the initiative, they are under rehabilitation. Some new schools lack enough classes, here, they are under expansion and most of the school have benefited by the construction of one, two, or more additional classes.

The Office of the Member of Parliament have, therefore, divided its infrastructural initiative into:

Model Schools

Infrastructural development of schools completely dilapidated or neglected over the years. This is an annual programme in which one school project is    identified per ward and rehabilitated into a modern school.The completed model schools are:Nyawango Primary School,Osuri Primary School,Othoro primary School,and Apondo Primary School.

The Other Infrastructural School Development

These are schools that benefit from other initiatives, such construction of one, two or more classroom. They are, just as model schools, also equally distributed across the wards. It consist of the building of dormitories, new laboratories, kitchen and dining, and multi-purpose halls to name but just a few.

The transition rate has equally increased with more girls enrolling in both primary and secondary schools.

The Office of the Member of Parliament has partnered with the the Ministry of Education to revitalize and support the existing TVETs such as Sibuor, Jwelu, Omiro, Owiro, and Omuga.