MamaCares, is a universal health care (UHC) programme initiated, in conjunction with the Britam Plc., to offer a reliable, affordable, and accessible health facilities and good treatment at low cost.

In its motto: Thieth e ngima (Treatment is life), we propel the reality that no better life can be achieved when the community do not exercise hospital check-ups on regular basis. It explains the concept:  Prevention is better than cure.

The MamaCares runs in line with the country’s Big 4 Agenda on Universal Health Care. In which each household is entitled to access to basic health care in every corner of this country. The MamaCares programme was launched in the constituency after we recorded high cases of medical bills requests and funeral expenses. MamaCares mobilizes the Kabondo Kasipul community to embrace the low-cost medi-cover. The medi-care covers in-patient, surgeries/accidents, and last expense.

At the moment, over 3500 persons are covered for the year 2019 through the NG-CDF.The numbers will go up when more people joins the programme individually or through our development partners.

The Britam PLC have registered and work with the following local hospitals:

  1. Nyabondo Hospital 2.Okita Nursing Home 3.Rachuonyo East District Hospital (Ramula) 4.Matata Hospital 5.Gendia Mission Hospital 6.Homa-bay County Referral Hospital. However, once covered under MamaCares, the beneficiary can be admitted in any hospital within the country that is under the Britam panel or list of hospitals.

Our office work hand in hand with the local Community Health Volunteers to mobilize and reach out to the constituents and sensitize them about the health cover.


MamaCares Benefits


Option Daily Hospital Benefit Additional Surgery Benefit Death Benefit per Member Premium per month for Each Adult (KES) Premium per month for Each Child (KES)
I 1,500 15,000 15,000 75 50


MamaCares Rates

Principal member 75 900
Spouse 75 900
3 Children each at (50/=) 150 1,800
Total per Family 300 3,600


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