Kabondo Kasipul Constituency Greening Initiative is a tree planting phenomena aimed at   raising awareness, promote individual, and community participation in the conservation of environment through tree planting within the primary, secondary school and public places. This is aimed at improving conditions and productivity of degraded areas, including the quality and supply of fresh water. The community aims at promoting management of the ecosystem.

The office of area MP in collaboration, to conserve environment, is working on the following:

  • MP’s office (Environment committee) with Komala Professional Association supplied seedlings and adopted various primary and secondary schools in the constituency and also encouraged the students to form environmental club.
  • The Environment committee has cleared all blocked culverts  within the following marketing centers in the last long rainy seasons :-
  1. Chabera Market
  2. Kodada Centre
  3. Othoro Centre
  4. Misambi Centre
  5. Ringa Market Centre
  6. Mikayi Market and Near health Centre
  • The committee has partnership with GIZ- training of twenty Rocket stove builders in East Kabondo a total of 20 CHV were trained in construction of Brick Rocket Stove.
  • The committee has partnership with MIRIU integrated project C.B.O working within the constituency, promoting Agro- forestry trees supply seeds to farmers to be planted in their farms.
  • Rural livelihood Improvement international (RII) is another partner with Kabondo Kasipul Environmental organization working in western Kenya. They are promoting environmental care through planting of fruits, trees and empowering rural community on River banks protections and wetlands through the use of indigenous trees
  • MPs office with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) donated approximately 1000 seedlings to be planted in our constituency.
  • The office is working on organizing Annual Constituency Environmental Awareness Campaign events in future.