Agriculture is a key sector for the constituency’s sustained economic growth.The sector consists of 2 main sub-sector namely :Crop and Livestock Production.Crop is the leading income generator to the households besides being a contributor to household food security. The main crops produced are in the constituency include;maize,beans,sweet potatoes, sorghum, variety of fruits and vegetables.

Official Collaborators

  1. Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO). The organization trained 65 farmers on importance of indigenous fruits, how helpful they are to human body, amongst other education. The following seedlings were issued; Pawpaw ,Jack-fruit, White Guava A total of 5 farmers who are doing large scale were also contracted by the organization
  2. Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL),The company contracted more than 350 farmers from the constituency for sorghum planting on large scale with a total of 160 hectares. The farmers managed to produce more than 10 tons of sorghum at the end of the season.
  3. The Kasbondo Co-operative Society have collaborated with the Office of the Member of Parliament to identify, register, and support dairy farmers. Milk produced by this farmers shall be sold to the society based at Oyugis. Most of the dairy framers farmers have already been identified. The farmers are equally allowed to buy shares from the cooperative to enhance their capital